Recent Projects


Recent Projects

Global Engagement Concept for Emerging Commercial Technology

A visual guide for developing the strategic framework and tech options to generate interest and engagement for commercial technologies. This product is based on a strategy designed for a global  autonomous vehicle developer to promote broader adoption of and secure additional investment.


NEXT Future Transportation Pitch Deck Development

Zylter provided strategic planning, analysis to design to develop an engaging brief to secure A-series investment for NEXT Future Transportation.


Martin UAV Future Tactical UAS (FTUAS) Proposal Development

Our team led design, development and compilation of Martin UAV’s 250-page technical proposal that resulted in Martin UAV and Northrup Grumman winning a $35 million contract for the Army’s Future Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (FTUAS) program.


Martin UAV UAS Opportunity Map

A large-format market “map” that provides a prioritized list of opportunities based on historical trends and practical information to guide development of priority opportunities.


Newland Next-Gen Neighborhood Technology Roadmap

A multi-phase project that identified and assessed over 40 emerging tech applications that should drive evolving neighborhood design. The project designed a detailed Tech Adoption Roadmap for five priority tech applications to guide strategic planning for and design of the Wendell Falls community.


Talespin XRI Market Assessment

This project designed a tailored and robust framework to assess the addressable and pricing for B-Series investment in the emerging XR for Insurance platform.


Previous Projects

Previous Projects

Border Area Security Enhancement Vehicle (BASE-V) Design & Integration

The BASE-V provides a mobile and integrated suite of technologies to identify  a range of threats, to include explosives, chemical agents and other contraband materials. This project included technology scouting, system design and project integration for a foreign government client.


BASE-V Use Case Development

Identifying and prioritizing key technologies for integration in the BASE-V system required developing a detailed understanding of end user needs. We developed four key use cases that identify key user requirements and specific technologies required to address them


Commercial Drone Employment Profile Design

This project designed a common template to identify and prioritize user requirements for commercial drone use based phase of employment.

Zylter UAS Rankings.png

Drone Assessment & Ranking Database

A Zylter project to design and build a data-driven assessment and ranking of over 100 different drone models based on 72 performance attributes and 26 user requirements for 10 industry-specific use cases. 

Boyer Developing Army Autonomous Trucks Cover Slide.png

Developing Army Autonomous Trucks

A 2016 RAND project by Zylter co-founder Matt Boyer to identify key platform design and integration considerations for the U.S. Army's autonomous truck program. 

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Design Requirements for Army Ultralight Tactical Vehicles

2013 project to identify and define key user and design requirements for Army "ultralight" tactical vehicles. This project identified key use cases, user needs and design requirements.