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Recent Publications


Recent Publications

Guide for Technology Assessment and Adoption (8.28.18).pub.png

Finding + Adopting Emerging Technology: A Guide for Industry Leaders


This practical guide describes the process and practical actions required for leaders and managers to find and adopt emerging technologies to address strategic needs and opportunities.

Zylter Capabilties Brochure Cover (5.29.18).png

Zylter Capabilities Guide for Q2 | 2018


This booklet describes how we merge analysis, design and engineering to develop and integrate commercial technologies with  examples from our recent portfolio.

Strategic Trends in Rail and Intermodal Modernization (2.23.18).jpg

Strategic Trends in Intermodal Logistics and Rail Technology

This brief summarizes key trends and opportunities for emerging technologies in logistics operations across rail and other modes of transport.

Zylter Autonomous Vehicles in Commercial Operations (9.5.17).png

Implementing Autonomous Vehicles in Commercial Operations

Slides for AV 17 in Detroit. These slides describe each sociotechnical system (STS) aspect required to enable and support commercial use of AVs. We provide practical examples and planning considerations for each STS aspect.

AV 17 Interview.png

Autonomous Vehicles 17 Interview

Zylter co-founder Matt Boyer addresses important questions that leaders and planners are asking about the implications of autonomous vehicles for their organizations.

Strategic Planning for Autonomous Vehicles-- A Guide for Executives (7.7.17).png

Strategic Planning for Autonomous Vehicles: A Guide for Executive Leaders

This executive brief summarizes the key trends in commercial adoption of autonomous vehicles and their strategic implications executives are seeking to address.

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Previous Publications

Previous Publications

Army Autonomous Convoy Study Slides (Cover).jpg

Developing Army Automated Convoy Capability

Results from a 2016 RAND study led by Zylter co-founder Matt Boyer to identify key technical and integration requirements for the Army's autonomous truck program. 

Boyer Off-Highway Autonomous Vehicles (cover).jpg

Off-Highway Autonomous Vehicles: A Practical Planning Guide for Organizations

A 2016 RAND presentation by Zylter co-founder Matt Boyer. This presentation provides a detailed guide for organizations to identify their key opportunities and considerations for using autonomous vehicles (AVs), especially off-highway AVs.

Boyer UTM Report Cover.png

Assessment of Army Demands for Ultralight Tactical Mobility

This 2013 RAND study led by Zylter co-founder Matt Boyer identifies the use cases, user needs and design requirements for U.S. Army tactical vehicles under 5,500 pounds. This report includes detailed analysis of requirement, motivating factors for use and program development recommendations.