Understand your Use Case

Zylter applies field expertise and data analysis to prioritize user needs for a wide array of UAS use cases. These use-specific demands are key to identifying the best UAS capability for each unique use. 

Identify the key characteristics of your intended use, such as the industry sector and the objective of your UAS use. With this basic information you are ready to explore our range of defined commercial UAS use cases or build your own. Select a use case from our extensive list below or our use our web app to rank UAS models based on your specific use requirements.



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Explore UAS Rankings by Use Case

Click on one of our use cases organized by industry sector below to learn about the UAS use and to view UAS Rankings of over 100 UAS models for each specific use case. The colored cases denote cases with detailed description and UAS rankings. The grey cases denote use cases we are developing and that will have full description and rankings coming soon.



Industry Sector

USe Cases


1, Agriculture &
Natural Resource Management


2, Construction


3, Infrastructure & Utility Inspection


4, Extractives


5, Cargo Transport


6, Public Safety


7, Entertainment


8, Communications


9, Information Collection


 Custom Use Case



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